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Neck and Back Injuries


any individuals suffer from minor neck and back pain. However, some neck and back injuries can be very serious, resulting in permanent disability and chronic pain.

Back and neck injuries are one of the more frequently reported reasons for missed work and complaints made to doctors. Neck and back injuries usually result when there has been a trauma causing a serious injury or irritation to the complex structures of the back or neck. Often these injuries are the result of trauma caused by traffic accidents. However, neck and back injuries can also result from falls, sports, work accidents and defective products. The types of, symptoms resulting from and treatment for neck and back injuries are numerous. When neck and back injuries occur, they can result in not only severe physical hardship, but also emotional hardship, extensive medical bills, stress due to an inability to perform necessary day-to-day tasks and a limited ability to work and associated loss of wages.

If your neck and back injuries are caused by the negligent conduct of another, you should consult with an experienced Nebraska attorney who can advise you as to whether or not you have a valid claim and how best to proceed.

The attorneys at Parker, Grossart & Bahensky, L.L.P. have many years of experience in dealing with personal injury cases. We understand the emotional and physical hardships that accompany a neck and back injury and will work to maximize recovery for injury victims.

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