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Trucking Accidents


raffic accidents are a significant source of injuries to travelers in Nebraska. Many occur on the interstate highway system and involve large trucks. The reasons for these accidents are varied. Often, fatigue is a factor. Speeding, failure to yield, running off the road or simply driving into another lane of traffic are also factors in many cases. Because of the discrepancy in size between trucks and the average vehicle, many accidents involving trucks result in significant injuries to the occupant of the smaller vehicle. The extent of these injuries varies, but they often involve head, back, and neck injuries, including spinal cord and brain injuries, or even result in death.

In Nebraska, traffic accidents that result in injuries or death are compensable if caused by the negligence of the truck driver. In many cases, not only is the driver of the truck responsible for those injuries or deaths, but often the company employing the driver is responsible as well. Those involved in automobile accidents in Nebraska involving large trucks should contact an experienced trial law firm to determine what rights they might have and whether they are entitled to compensation for injuries and death caused by the negligent operation of these vehicles.

Parker, Grossart & Bahensky, L.L.P. is an experienced trial law firm which is ready to work to maximize recovery for trucking accident victims.

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