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Product Liability


nder Nebraska law, it is the responsibility of a manufacturer to produce a safe product. It is also the responsibility of the manufacturer to inform the consumer of any risks inherent in the use of a product. Product liability is the area of the law which protects the consumer from defective products or the failure to properly warn of defects in products.

Defective products occur in many areas in Nebraska, including farm equipment, construction equipment, manufacturing equipment, medical products and household items. Markets constantly produce new and more sophisticated products. Unfortunately, often these products are not properly tested or constructed, and use by an unsuspecting consumer can lead to significant injuries. When this occurs, a consumer may be entitled to pursue a product liability claim.

A Nebraska products liability lawsuit can protect the injured individual's rights and the rights of future consumers. Attorneys have been at the forefront for many years in policing manufacturers via court actions to ensure the safety of the products consumers use daily. If it can be demonstrated that the product is defective or that the manufacturer failed to properly warn of the risks in using its product, a Nebraska consumer may legitimately recover the damages he or she has suffered.

Parker, Grossart & Bahensky, L.L.P. we do not condone frivolous lawsuits and will not accept cases unless we are convinced that the case has merit. It is often important to investigate such a case early and obtain the product for immediate expert inspection to determine if the product is, in fact, defective. If the consumer has a valid product liability claim, we will work to maximize the client's recovery on that claim.

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