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Brain Injuries


raumatic brain injury is a sudden, physical damage to the brain that may be caused by the head forcefully hitting an object or by something piercing the skull, such as a bullet. One of the major causes of head trauma is motor vehicle accidents, but sports, child abuse and violent crimes can also lead to these types of brain injuries. Traumatic brain injury and concussions affect hundreds of thousands of Americans each year, often causing death or threatening one’s ability to lead a normal life. Immediate treatment should be sought by a physician if you are suffering from any of the many symptoms of a concussion or brain injury.

If brain injury is caused in Nebraska by the negligence of another or by a defective product or work-related incident, Nebraska law provides that a victim of such damage may be entitled to compensation for those injuries. No amount of compensation can repair such a tragic injury, but a monetary recovery can help to alleviate the enormous financial cost and disruption to a family that a brain injury can cause. If these brain injuries are caused by the conduct of another in Nebraska, you should seek consultation with an experienced Nebraska attorney who can advise you as to whether you have a valid claim and, if so, to assist you in maximizing recovery.

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